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Amazingly Sensitive Pendulums!

(Handcrafted from select domestic and exotic woods from around the world.

To Place Pendulum Orders ~ Please phone: (828) 683-6633


Choose Your Favorite Wood Pendulums

(photo features: Pendulums numbered left to right)

1) Maple Pendulum:  light blonde wood tones

2) American Holly Pendulum: light blonde wood tones

3) Brazilian Tulipwood pendulum: light reddish wood tones

4)  Mexican Xylia Lace Pendulum:  very light tan/reddish wood tones

5) Patagonian Rosewood Pendulum: light rosewood tones

6) Ceylon Satinwood Pendulum: light brown/grayish wood tones

7) american  black walnut Pendulum:  brown wood tones

8) african mopani Pendulum: brown tones with dark brown grain

9) Mexican Bocote' Pendulum: yellow & brown tones with dark brown grain

10) Mexican Redheart Pendulum: reddish tones with dark red grain

11) Honduras Rosewood Pendulum: light brown tones with deep dark brown grain




Also Available: Velvet Pendulum Carrying Pouches


Teardrop Wooden Pendulums:  $22.00 each                            
Velvet Pendulum Carrying Pouch:  $3.75 each     


Shipping/handling fees:  (Prices listed below are based on delivery within mainland USA only).      
First Class Mail --  $4.00   
Priority Mail: (2-3 day transit)  --  $6.95 

                        Please email for International shipping price quotes and time in transits:     

 * See email order form below or phone order to (828) 683-6633


"I gave out the pendulums during my Advanced Healing class and the participants had an absolute blast with them!  Everybody caught on extremely quickly and those pendulums were swinging away so confidently over the chakras it was as if the people had been doing this for years. The pendulums brought a real sense of joy, fun and happiness. So thank you, thank you, thank you for being my wonderful supplier.  I am already looking forward to being able to order some more for my next class!"                               Dr. Jayne Jubb - The Netherlands

What are Pendulums?

Pendulums are more than a beautiful piece of jewelry -- they are also ancient tools of divination.  Our bodies are very sensitive electrical magnetic instruments that are constantly responding both positively and negatively to our world.  Pendulums help us to attune to these subtle feelings by amplifying them visually:

bulletHealers use pendulums to check for sensitivity or blocks in our energy field.  (These wooden pendulums are recommended by best-selling author               Dr. Barbara Brennan in her "Hands of Light" book for accurately measuring Chakras. )


bulletMothers use pendulums to discover the gender of their unborn child.  


bulletDowsers use pendulums to find lost objects, detect energy vortexes or underground water sources. 


bulletAnyone can use pendulums to check for guidance and compatibility to foods,  medicines and answers to a plethora of questions.


bulletPendulums make great gifts and can be worn as a necklace.


Try it for seeking guidance!

Let the Pendulum hang from your fingertips. Ask your Spirit Guides to move in a way that means "Yes" -- and in another way for "No".  (ei: Clockwise swing for a "Yes" answer & counter-clockwise swing for "No.".)  Now you are ready to consult your pendulum. Be it a question of health, love, money, or spirit -- your pendulum will help you access your inner wisdom.


Please Note:  There will be an additional charge for shipping.  North Carolina residents add  (7% sales tax).

Compassionate Expressions accepts the following major credit cards: MC, VISA and Discover.

Personal Check orders must clear bank before product is shipped.  

Please Note:  We do not have a secure server, so please phone in your order and  credit card information.  Phone: (828) 683-6633

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