Meet Compassionate Expressions Mini-Farm Animals

A Message from Reva:

From the moment I set foot on this magical property, I knew I was home at last. Without one iota of hesitation, I exclaimed to the Realtor: “Yes, I will buy it…NOW!” In this decision, I reclaimed my close bond and reverence for Mother Earth and all her Sentient Beings. Back then, in 1999, when I was a lot younger,  I had this fantasy of having two of every kind of animal…. like Noah’s Arc! After a couple of goats, two cats and three dogs…”Reality Set In” and I quickly said to myself: “That Ain’t Happening”!  Through the past  22-years, I have had many C.E. animals “rescue me” and then, say goodbye and return to their Eternal Home. I have had the great joy of seeing how each one welcomed and touched the hearts of our Inn Guests in their own unique special way. Reminding us humans…of simple unabashed Unconditional Love.   Please enjoy meeting the current crew!

Meet the “Inn”- side Keepers

Canine Innkeeper Lily

Hi, I’m Lily!
I get a bit over-excited when I meet new friends. Can’t help it… new people just push my “Jump for Joy” button! I came here to remind humans that all that matters is the moment…so pay attention to me!

Feline Innkeeper Tulip

Hi, I’m Tulip.
I’m a rescue from Bother Wolf…so take a good look at me. I am a Magician! Now you see me, now you don’t!

Meet the “Swine” Keeper

Hi, I’m Zoe! (The pot-bellied pig)
I used to be the newest rescue but now I’ve lived here over 6-years. They feed me good and I have my own condo so I decided to stay. You may see me walking around the grounds on a nice day if you’re lucky. I can’t see very well, so better to not try to pet me as sometimes it scares me. But I like fruit treats a whole lot …if you set it gently under my nose. I experience the world through my SNOUT and it SERVES ME WELL!

Meet the Healing Sanctuary Goats

Hi, I’m Misty the Nubian Goat.
I am the Herd Queen no matter what
those new little white goats tell you. And…I’m the Elder, so I get first dibs on all FOOD! Please come visit us! We’re in the fenced pen behind the Main Inn and we like food and human contact ~ in that order.Just call to us and we’ll come running to you!!!

Meet the “Newbie” Goats

Hi, We are Priya & Pink.
We are sister La Mancha goats and we love our new home! We think the grass is greener on the other side so we just jump the fence!

Meet the “Hen”-Keepers

Fresh Organic Eggs Available for our Inn Guests