Meet Estaryia

Estaryia Venus is an internationally recognized expert in sound vibration healing and wellness. She pioneered a therapeutic application of sound healing and has shared her passion and mastery for more than 25 years, in 15 countries, helping people to release stress, achieve better health and to experience deeper mind, body and spirit connection.

Estaryia uses specialized instruments to produce precise biorhythmic sound frequencies that refresh and reset your nervous system by restoring the connection between your brain and body. Her proven energy healing techniques release stress and energy blocks, strengthen immunity, increase mental clarity and boost vitality. You will experience soothing sound vibrations that instantly quiet your mind, release tension, relieve pain, bring healing to past injuries, and awaken new insights and a deeper connection to your spiritual essence.

Estaryia’s sound healings are uniquely based in the science of sound and frequency combined with her own signature energy healing techniques.

Some Benefits Include:

  • Release Stress & Energy Blocks
  • Increase Mental Clarity
  • Boost Energy & Vitality
  • Relieve Pain & Heal Old Injuries
  • Awaken New Insights
  • Deeper Spiritual Connection

Estaryia is a conduit through which energy is transmitted. Her sessions are sonic, immersive, transformational experiences that combine the transcendent sounds of her captivating four-octave range voice and specially designed instruments to deliver precise frequencies that activate cellular energy and rejuvenation.

Estaryia’s healing transmissions touch people at their deepest spiritual essence bringing them back to the truth of their being on every level: spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

About her work she says, “the physical healings are a bonus, it’s really about the deep spiritual transformation that people receive”.

Some Proven Physical Benefits Include:

  • Concussions
  • Stroke
  • Ulcers
  • Circulation
  • Back & Neck Pain
  • Parkinsons
  • Arthritis
  • Sinus


Having had the opportunity to experience an extraordinary sound-healing session with Estaryia Venus, I highly recommend her sound therapy for a variety of disorders, ranging from stress, pain, tinnitus, and other disorders of the body and nervous system.

John L. Turner, MD, Neurological Surgery

I had a concussion that short circuited in my Brain and it was really bad. I had cranial fluid coming out of my nose and ear. I was lost, I had no balance, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t carry myself, I couldn’t look at anything, I couldn’t look anyone in the eye because I didn’t know where I was. I heard about Estaryia and her Sound Wave Healing and immediately had a session because I was looking for any kind of healing I could get. It was amazing. The sound healing was so intense and she really took a lot of time to bring that energy into my body. It resonated throughout every cell of my being. When it was done, I had my balance, I was walking erect. I was healed. The session with Estaryia was completely life changing.

Clifton Williams

I was familiar with Estaryia’s music and sound healing but could never have expected it to be so amazing up close and personal with the music and the sounds that Estaryia channels in the moment. Pain left my body, blocks were released from me, and a rush of energy and light flooded into my body. The sessions with her brought not only physical healing but also spiritual healing and rejuvenation. I am so grateful. Thank you Estaryia

Christine Leonard

I had a stroke a month before I had a session with Estaryia Venus.
I had confusion, no equilibrium and I had fallen four times and I was walking with a walker. During the session I felt energy going up the left side of my head where I had my stroke. I could feel the healing energy going through and crackling in my head as it was working. When it was over, I stood up, my equilibrium was back, there was no confusion and I didn’t need my walker. It was quite miraculous. I am so grateful and thankful to Estaryia

Loretta Washburn

That was the most transformative experience I’ve ever had! Not only did I reconnect on a deep inner spiritual level, but the pain in my back that I’d had for the past couple of years released completely and I’m able to move freely. Thank you Estaryia!

Sarah Bowmen

When you vocalized those tones today, I immediately felt a block that I had been aware of in my belly open. When the tones touched that place inside of me, it opened that blocked energy and I felt a current of energy flow up through my body and into my heart. Tears began to release as a profound healing was occurring.

Melanie Stuart

My pineal gland opened and I began to see visually for the first time, I actually felt it open and expand. My whole body was vibrating and I felt light and color moving through it purifying my energy and leaving me feeling clear and energized and lighter and more joyful! Thank you Estaryia!

Bill Striken

In Estaryia’s sound healing I felt energy moving and releasing through my body. I’ve never felt so grounded and yet light at the same time. At one point, an old sadness came into my awareness and a healing occurred as it passed. I felt cleansed and free and could actually feel my body vibrating. I also saw colors and it seemed as if the colors were moving through me and energizing me in a new way. What an amazing experience.

Joan Izaac

I felt energy pouring into my body, a powerful life force energy. At one point my feet were vibrating from the energy and it moved through my body. I left feeling cleansed, energized, calm and clear all at the same time.

Julie Robinson, Nutritional Consultant

Estayia’s Signature Audio Programs

Estaryia has developed and produced a variety of audio programs (available digitally) that utilize her advanced healing sound music technology that retrain the brain into deep states of relaxation, higher states of awareness and meditation, and harmonize the bio-rhythms of the body into coherence to achieve accelerated levels of health and regeneration.