Massage & Day Spa in Asheville, NC

Reva Tunnell of Compassionate Expressions Massage Spa

Welcome to my little slice of Heaven on Earth! My name is Reva Tunnell. I am the owner of Compassionate Expressions Mountain Inn & Healing Sanctuary! Over 20 years ago, strong inner guidance led me to quit my corporate job and relocate to create a healing sanctuary on 40 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside of Asheville, North Carolina.

It is here, where…
I open my heart, home & property to those seeking retreat from their hectic and stressful lifestyles ~ with the sole intention of supporting your return home to a healthier more balanced way of being in the world: Mind, Body & Spirit. My vision has evolved to include year-round lodging, Spa Services, Spiritual & Self-Growth Workshops & Special Events rentals.

In my love and wonder of Mother Earth and all her Sentient Beings… the property has also become a Certified Wildlife Habitat. I warmly invite you to “unplug” and experience the magic here!

About Reva

Reva Tunnell of Compassionate Expressions Day Spa

A gifted intuitive Energy Healer and a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, she also performs pet healings, is a certified Past Life Regression therapist and leads guided meditations. Reva’s healership extends through her professional songwriting background: in 2008, she received an Emmy Award for her co-authorship of the theme song for a documentary promoting genocide awareness.

Reva loves signing to her hens!

This was one of the most peaceful, beautiful, & serene places I have ever had the blessing of coming to. There’s an energy in the air that just seems to bring you into a state of pure beingness, expanding your heart further every second you stay. I will definitely be back; this is the perfect space to disconnect from reality & just abide. Reva is a Bodhisattva in the flesh, the embodiment of love, founding this place for the soul purpose of benefitting others. Her services, animals, and amenities transform lives through the foundation of compassion. Upon arrival, the cabin was spotless, and Reva kindly showed us around her beautiful sanctuary. There are no words to truly describe this experience. Thank you Reva.

Logan Picard