Spirit Renewal - Personal Retreat

Intuitive Energy Healing | Sound Wave Healing™ | Past Life Regression | Shamanic Healing | 90-minute Massage

Leave the outside world behind and call forth your True Essence. This personal retreat will give you the time and space to dive deep within your being to release stress and old patterns that no longer serve you. Tap into your intuitive knowing and rediscover your life purpose.

We welcome individuals on their personal awakening journeys as well as mother and daughters who want to have a shared retreat experience.

Reva Tunnell and Estaryia Venus will lead you through your personal transformational journey.

  • Intuitive Energy Healing (90 minutes)
  • Sound Wave Healing™ (90 minutes)
  • Past Life Regression (90 minutes)
  • Shamanic Healing (90 minute)
  • 90-minute Massage (90-minute)

Lodging priced separately

Intuitive Energy Healing

Clearing-Balancing-Recharging your Energy Field:
Aura & Chakra System

Your Personal Retreat package includes the following services:

Hands-on Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance with Reva Tunnell, Graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

a woman enjoying nature
Individual Personal Retreat
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Stress & Pain Relief
  • Energy Renewal
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Strengthened Sense of Self
  • Increased Mental Acuity
  • Deepened spiritual connection
  • Movement through Life Blocks
  • Connection to Core Essence
  • Realization of Life Purpose

Sound Wave Healing

Release Stress & Energy Blocks

Spiritual Healing and Transformation

Sound Wave Healing™ given by International Healer Estaryia Venus with over 25-years of experience.

In this session, Estaryia Venus uses specialized sound vibration instruments to recalibrate your brain and body rhythms for deep healing and regeneration. Her sound healings are uniquely based in the science of sound and frequency combined with her own signature energy healing techniques.

2 women enjoying nature
Mother Daughter Retreat

Some Benefits Include:

  • Release Stress & Energy Blocks
  • Stimulate Mental Clarity
  • Deepen Spiritual Connection
  • Awaken New Insights & Intuition
  • Relieve Pain & Heal Old Injuries
  • Increase Your Energy & Vitality

Past Life Regression

Explore One of Your Past Lives…

Find Empowerment and Healing through a Guided Journey uncovering the connections between your Present Life and events in a Previous Life.

Help Identify and Release Unwanted Behavioral Patterns and Subconscious Blocks to Unleash Your True Potential

Clearing-Balancing-Recharging your Energy Field: Aura & Chakra System

Hands-on Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance with Reva Tunnell, Graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

Shamanic Healing

Take a journey into the many expressions of your Higher Self through the combination of shamanic energy healing and sound vibration.

Estaryia’s signature approach utilizes specialized sound frequency instruments, drumming, vocalizations, chanting and energy healing.

This powerful experience unlocks:

  • Deeper Understanding of Your Life Today
  • Layers of Subconscious Energetic Blocks
  • Ancestral Healing & Forgiveness

Therapeutic Massage

De-Stress & Unwind with a Revitalizing Massage. Your choice of light to medium pressure using an array of therapeutic strokes. The benefits of this type of bodywork are wide ranging, including relief from aches and pains, decreased stress in the body, enhanced mental clarity, and greater flexibility. Your therapist will personalize your session to your specific needs: Swedish, Therapeutic or Deep Tissue Massage.

Spirit Renewal – Personal Retreat

Call (828) 683-6633 or email compassionate@mindspring.com to book

Day Spa Customer – $600

Lodging Guest – $550

Please Note: The Spirit Renewal Personal Retreat Package (with its five services) offers a powerful series of unique and profound healing experiences. We recommend lodging here if at all possible to have time to integrate each of these services. If you cannot lodge here but are still wanting to partake in this Spirit Renewal Retreat Package, we recommend you do three of the services the first day and then, come back the following day for the other two services.

Lodging is an extra fee, separate from the above Spirit Renewal Personal Retreat Package Prices. Please find the recommended 3-night lodging plus Spirit Renewal Package prices below.  

Personal Healing Retreat, including 3 nights of Lodging, all Spirit Renewal Services, and Tax:

Inner Quest Room: $870 (solo retreat), $1450 (retreat for two people)

Field of Dreams Room: $900 (solo retreat), $1482 (retreat for two people)

Retreat House: $952 (solo retreat), $1534 (retreat for two people)

I want to thank you for your kindness and generosity during my stay at your Mountain Inn. I have been able to glimpse some opening doors and moving insights that will be close to my heart as I continue on my spiritual journey. Am so glad I experienced the energy healing and past life regression with you Reva. I have felt a sense of magic staying here and will reflect back on the memories when I long for a place of peace and calm.

Annie C.

I just wanted to thank you again for another wonderful energy healing session. You are the most amazing teacher I have ever worked with and I feel like a person who has been wandering in the desert, starving and thirsty for so many years and finally found water. It is an indescribable feeling.

C. Allen
St. Louis, MO

The power of Estaryia’s voice opened places inside of me and allowed me to release energy what felt like from the depth of my being. I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted, and I am more excited about life.”

Laura Saunders

In Estaryia’s sound healing I felt energy moving and releasing through my body. I’ve never felt so grounded and yet light at the same time. At one point, an old sadness came into my awareness and a healing occurred as it passed. I felt cleansed and free and could actually feel my body vibrating. I also saw colors and it seemed as if the colors were moving through me and energizing me in a new way. What an amazing experience

Joan Izaac

Compassionate Expressions Lodging Cancellation Policy

A Note from the Innkeeper: Short notice cancellations, “no shows” and “early departures” threaten our ability to continue to offer excellent prices and a beautiful nature getaway for our valued guests. Please read our cancellation policies carefully as they will be enforced.

Lodging Cancellation Policy:  A (7-day) notice for all lodging reservation cancellations is required for all standard bookings throughout the year. A (14-day) cancellation notice is required for all Holidays and October reservations. Cancellations made less than 7-days (for standard reservations) or 14-days (for Holidays & October reservations) will be charged the full amount of the original booking to the credit card holding the reservation.  

Please Note: All cancellations must be phoned in directly – making “live” direct contact verbally with the Innkeeper or Staff to be valid. Cancellations made by email or voice message will not be accepted.

Healing & Spa Services Cancellation Policy:  A 72-hour cancellation notice is required for all Healing & Spa services: Massage, Energy Healing, Sound Wave Healing, Shamanic Healing and Past Life Regression. For cancellations made less than 72-hours prior to scheduled appointment, the credit card holding the original reservation will be charged the full Healing & Spa service amount.