Workshop & Retreat Rental

Compassionate Expressions provides a magical and private retreat property for workshop rentals that promote healing, spiritual awakening, self-growth and other heart-centered teachings and events.

In This Hectic Overly-Stimulating World In Which We Live…

Our “Vision” at Compassionate Expressions Mountain Inn & Healing Sanctuary is to offer Workshop & Retreat groups a private, safe, and low-stimulus environment that supports true learning, deeper contemplation and integration, in an awe-inspiring mountain setting that naturally nourishes the mind, body and soul. Only 30-minutes from Asheville, North Carolina, in the still largely secluded Blue Ridge Mountains of rural Leicester, your workshop participants have easy access to travel in by plane or car…but once they land at your Workshop or Retreat event, they will feel like they are cradled in their own Private Universe.

There are few places left on the planet that offer this kind of “sweet dance” with the human intention “to unplug and reconnect” with Mother Nature’s powerful balancing and regenerating energy. And still, with the necessary comforts of modern living.

Compassionate Expressions warmly invites you to schedule your next spiritual or self-growth workshop or retreat in our magical nature setting. When you reserve a workshop rental through Compassionate Expressions, we will do everything in our power to support a positive experience for you and your event group. Our goal is to send everyone home feeling inspired, renewed and transformed.

To inquire about workshop rentals, please email: