Mountain Inn & Healing Sanctuary

Asheville, North Carolina

"Welcome to my little slice of Heaven on Earth! 

My name is Reva Tunnell.  

I am the owner of 

Compassionate Expressions Mountain Inn

&  Healing Sanctuary!"

Over 20-years ago, strong inner guidance led me to quit my Corporate job and relocate to create a healing sanctuary on 40-acres

in the Blue Ridge Mountains just outside of 

Asheville, North Carolina.

It is here, where...

I open my heart, home & property

to those seeking retreat from their hectic    and stressful lifestyles ~ with the sole intention of supporting your return home

to a healthier more balanced way of

being in the world: Mind, Body & Spirit.

My vision has evolved to include year-round lodging, Spa Services, Spiritual & Self-Growth Workshops & Special Events rentals. 


In my love and wonder of Mother Earth and all her Sentient Beings....the property has also become a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

I warmly invite you to "unplug" and experience the magic here!






About Reva: A gifted intuitive Energy Healer and a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, she also performs pet healings, is a certified Past Life Regression therapist and leads guided meditations.


Reva’s healership extends through her professional songwriting background:

In 2008, she received an Emmy Award for her co-authorship of the theme song for a
documentary promoting genocide awareness.


Love singing to my Hens!

Compassionate Expressions

Phone: 828-683-6633


Compassionate Expressions, Asheville, NC

Phone: 828-683-6633


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